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The Phantom Gourmet is a food-related television program with a major focus on reviews of New England area restaurants. The show also gives a Great 8 selection of restaurants that are the best in their category. A Hidden Jewel category features a unique restaurant that people may not have heard of before.

Franz's Food earned that coveted Hidden Jewel title in a March 2007 review of the restaurant. Among the plethora of comments includes, Franz's Food serves the kind of stuff you won't mind staining your shirt for... The burgers are so juicy they ought to come with a bottle of stain remover. They finish with, Laundry day has never been more delicious thanks to Franz's Food. Clearly, the folks at Phantom Gourmet were mighty impressed.

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New Hampshire Magazine prints an annual Best Of guide of the best places to eat, visit, shop, and etc; in the state of New Hampshire. Franz's Food was the winner of the somewhat obvious Best Restaurant in a Laundromat.

Franz's Food has a very unique atmosphere. There aren't many places where you can order your food to the humming and whirling of washers and dryers. Beloved by UNH students, faculty, and Durham residents alike, this Main Street eatery offer everything from delicious breakfast sandwiches to snotties, Franz's famous fries smothered in cheese. For the daring, don't miss the snottie mess, or cheese fries with grilled onions and peppers tossed in. There are also healthier choices such as the different variety of salads, soups, and vegetarian selections.

Franz's Food makes the list of Best of New Hampshire in the year of 2007!

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The Boston Globe is the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts and New England. In a September 5th 2007 article, the Globe did a Close up on Durham, New Hampshire, and once again, Franz's Food managed to catch the attention of reporters and food critics alike.

For those times when you get the munchies while waiting for the spin cycle to finish, Franz's Food (46 Main St. (603)868-3800 ); inside a laundromat, serves all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, and fast foods.

Never fails to impress people from all over. This small restaurant packs a punch of flavor and quality no one can deny. Being noticed by the Boston Globe is a great pleasure, restaurant owner, Franz said, and he hopes to continue making great food for years to come.

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