Letter To His Loyal Customers

I started Franz's Food back on February 14 (Valentine's Day) 2001. I had an idea that I could bring the best quality food, which were essentially food that I liked to eat (hence the name Franz's Food), to the public. For the record, I did not start a restaurant in a Laundromat because they, as George Carlin says "were two things that have never been nailed together before." I chose the 92.5 square foot space because the location was good. The location was very good.

Then again there were people who said the space was too small to do what I wanted to do with the food, which was make a lot of it from scratch. Things such as marinades, dressings, soups, sauces, and others. So of course I had to prove them wrong. Today Franz's Food does what a good-sized sit down restaurant would normally do according to the tax collector guy, and he says he is the one who knows! For me, however, it is all about the love. The love of the food and the creative process involved, and the love of my customers who appreciate what I do and tell me so everyday. There is no substitute for this.

My focus and my mission are to continue to bring you great things to eat or maybe you have an idea you want to suggest for some good food of your own. I am all ears.

Gratefully yours,
Franz Guest